Digitalisation & Humanisation
Conference 2024

6TH JUNE 2024 @
The Mermaid
2 Puddle Dock
London EC4V 3DB

TALiNT Partners are delighted to be collaborating with Future Talent Learning to co-host this conference.

As the digital and human spheres increasingly converge there are obvious opportunities for productivity increases in our workplaces, as well as risks.

Join 600 HR, TA, Learning and Business Leaders to gain valuable insights from thought leaders and practitioners from the worlds of science, technology, business, academia and the arts to help you navigate the changing world of work.

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About our sessions

The whole event will be in plenary and consist of interactive keynotes and panel discussions to address the following key themes:

– The Human Impact of Digital Transformation

– Future of Work in the Digital Era

– Digital Leadership and Organisational Culture

Hannah Fry

Author, Presenter and Mathematician

Joyce Idoniboye




Robert Rowland Smith


Agenda in brief:

The Human Impact of Digital Transformation:

· Exploring how digital technologies transform the way we live, work, and relate to one another.

· Examining the socio-economic implications, including job displacement due to automation and new job creation.

Future of Work in the Digital Era:

· Preparing for shifts in job demands and skills requirements as automation and AI take on more tasks.

· Emphasising lifelong learning and adaptability in professional development.

Digital Leadership and Organisational Culture:

· Examining the qualities of leadership needed to steer organisations through digital transformations in a way that centres human needs.

· Discussing how to cultivate a corporate culture that embraces change while maintaining employee engagement and satisfaction.